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Our mission is to empower men and boys of color to challenge themselves, break barriers, and make a difference. HMNK’s vision is a positive global movement that serves as a learning and bonding experience for people of all races and backgrounds. HMNK opens the door and invites you in to see the faces, learn the stories, and hear the voices of Black boys and men, to actually see them. In addition to, providing our community resources to help them real their goals, and make their mark on the world.


Hello, My Name is KING uses a holistic approach as we understand that the path to success is not linear, and neither are the barriers that may prevent one from reaching it. After much research, we discovered that Black Americans, specifically Black males are greatly inflicted by poor education, poverty, and negative public and self ­perception/opinion.


Hello, My Name is KING, Inc. believes that the key the significant growth and progress is knowledge. Through partnerships with school districts and associations, we host team-building and self-awareness workshops for youth at all grade levels. HMNK also has a scholarship program that supports graduating males of color.


HMNK strives to create forums that engage and encourage positive thinking about oneself and manifesting that awareness to make a difference in the world.  Through Hello, My Name is KING Day and programming, participants make the necessary connections and discuss the current and future state of their communities. 


Hello, My Name is KING, Inc. collaborates with schools, mentor programs, other nonprofits and the like to provide sustainable programming and resources to identified groups of needs. While other organizations focus on mentorship, college readiness, and other formalities, many do not address those issues that exist beyond the surface, the common denominators. This includes a lack of positive perception of self in culture/history, micro and macro acceptance, and the importance of intrinsic strengths.


Hello, My Name is KING, Inc. serves not only males of color but is a resource for everyone in their community.  Surveys from previous events and programs indicate that over 85% of all participants either learned a new skill or of a new resource.


These are the skills/resources they will take back to their neighborhoods and families. HMNK is also a learning and multi-cultural educational opportunity for all participants. Over 90% of previous participants indicated they learned something about someone in their group that they did not know before the program.

Hello, My Name is KING Day


According to a 2010 article published in Psychologist Today, a positive perspective can spread to other people like a virus.  Hello, My Name is King’s mission is to create a platform for positive Black male images, and impact the internal and external perceptions of Black men and boys. The hmnk campaign seeks to ensure that every boy and man of color understands that he is a king and have the resources to walk in that right. While there are many influential Black men, there are not as many positive images to reflect their efforts. Wherein, the beauty, talent, value, and humanness of Black men are buried from the world and themselves. Hello, My Name is King challenges public perceptions and encourages supporters to break barriers, publicly value themselves, and make a difference in their communities. Wearing an HMNK button is not only a statement but a learning opportunity for every person who wants to know about the movement and an empowering moment for each boy and man who is reached and reminded of his name. In turn, Black men will not succumb to negative labels, but harness their power to replicate greatness in themselves, their families, and society.

Reclaim your name!

From September 15th through October 15th we celebrate the Black man in his accomplishments and contributions to the world. On the October 16th, we pledge one selfless act and wear our “Hello My Name is King” buttons.

Joining is easy!

  1. Get a HMNK Button.

  2. Wear your HMNK button and pledge one self-less act; no matter the size.

  3. Spread the Movement! Post on social media or have a community about the state of Black males and the conversation as a whole with your family and friends. Plan and execute.    


Become the movement and reclaim your name today!

Hello, My Name is KING-Education Button
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