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Hello, My Name is KING was established in 2014 but was three years in the making. Police brutality, excessive negative media coverage on African-American men, and the lack of proactive movements and positive images were calling the Founder, Whitney Stovall to step forward. However, it was the specific events surrounding the killing of Michael Brown that set Whitney into motion. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the first Black male she knew who was murdered or even assaulted by the police, but it was the first time it hit so close to home. As a St. Louis native, Whitney once spent time in those very neighborhoods that were being slandered. Inspired by platforms like Black Girls Rock, Whitney created Hello, My Name is KING Day, a social media campaign to celebrate men and boys of color. The initial idea was simple, share the stories of boys and men or color, to rewrite the narrative and become the reminder to the world of their humanity, excellence, and beauty. Today, HMNK has grown into a movement that continues to touch people in the digital space, but also through programming and other community initiatives. 

Whitney Stovall

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I'm a title. Click here to add your own text and edit me.

Hello, My Name is KING was founded as a declaration to the world who boys and men of color are as individuals and their rightful role in the community; to understand what it means to be a King in theory and to also walk in that light. 

Supporters were asked to post a picture of someone they knew and an accompanying explanation on what made that person a King and in turn, they received a HMNK button.  The HMNK button was pivotal, as participants wore it throughout the campaign and pledged one selfless act, creating awareness and community value.


Whitney selected October 16th as the official date, as it is the same date as the first Million Man March. She wanted everyone who met HMNK to understand from the introduction the mission and vision of the campaign. Following the first physical celebration, HMNK became more than a campaign; it became a symbol of historical significance and the coming change. The organization formalized as a 501c3 in 2015 and serves not only men and boys of color, but the communities where they live in education, self, and social awareness. As the organization continues to grow, Hello, My Name is KING seeks to become an even larger global movement that provides opportunities for personal and social development, in addition to, building community relationships. While HMNK's headquarter is in Atlanta, GA, we partner with organizations and individuals worldwide.

Board Members 

Dwayne R Jordan Jr

Dwayne R Jordan Jr.

Financial Advisor,

HN Financial Grp

Amber Meeks

Amber Meeks

Social Emotional Learning Facilitator,

Americorps at Carver High School

Mauricio Chavarria

Mauricio Chavarria

Senior Communications Manager,

The Coca-Cola Company

Ashley Leysath

Account Coordinator,

Matlock Advertising & PR

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