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Hello, My Name is KING seeks to spark the conversation, but we encourage you to keep it going! Check out a few of our previous discussions below. 


Get with a group of friends at school or at a local coffee shop and begin to ask the hard questions! Start the conversation by creating a positive space, and end with solutions and next steps.


Be sure to let us know what you come up with, we love to share your ideas with the HMNK community!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. New Skool Challenge

In honor of the upcoming Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Hello, My Name is KING is presenting a twist to the usual MLK rhetoric.

This challenge provides three lessons, each with an emphasis on action, history, or service. Below is a breakdown of the challenge. Feel free to make changes to the lesson to meet the needs of your group.

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Black Boy Speak

Black Boy Speak is a series of candid interviews with Black males discussing community and social issues, challenges, opportunities, and world perceptions. Honesty is encouraged, but no one is ever required to speak. There aren’t any wrong answers, only new perspectives. 

Redefining Black Men

At the core of Hello, My Name is King are the principles of self-value and defining one’s self.

Building a united front of progression through an accountable and proactive kingdom.

During Hello, My Name is KING Day 2014 in Atlanta, the guest panelist came to an unanimous agreement that there are external forces working against Black men and the community at large, but it is our responsibility to make things right. HMNK decided this year’s theme would be accountability and action. As we approach the anniversary of the first Million Man March we have to reflect on our progress. What have we accomplished? What could we have done better? And most of all, who has taken responsibility? HMNK invites leaders from each of the 3 focus areas: education, entertainment, and economics, to answers the following questions:


Hello, My Name is King’s black history month program targets the 9th grade class at Brained High School. Freshman year is a crucial developmental year for young adolescents. It is the ideal age/grade to implement personal and professional development programs that will prepare them for the completion of high school and success beyond high school.  This particular program fulfills Hamilton County’s Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program as it encourages self-awareness and inspires students to assume leadership roles in their community and amongst their friends.


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