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Classroom Lessons

Community Programs


Join the conversation from wherever you are!

Get with a group of friends at school or at a local coffee shop and begin to ask the hard questions! Start the conversation by creating a positive space, and end with solutions and next steps.

Sankofa: I Am History

Black History Month is the
perfect platform to t
ackles topics such as society-defined stereotypes, self-limitations and life aspirations.

This lesson promotes self-awareness and inspires students to assume leadership roles
in their community and amongst their friends.

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HMNK Day 2019

In 2019 we explored the Art of Communication with a group of high school students. We explored the power of words and how we use them to describe ourselves, peers, authority figures, and our community.

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Education is Life

If you are committed to the positive development of youth by being in the classroom every day, supporting the scholastic development of today’s youth. Then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to continue cultivating tomorrow’s leaders with out Critical thinking for College Kit is a lesson plan and handouts.


Our vision is for students to be comfortable with voicing their worth, and in turn, identifying inner their King. Ensure to inform your students that they are in free thought space and respect one another.

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Community Programs

Black Boy Speak

Black Boy Speak is a series of candid interviews with Black males discussing community and social issues, challenges, opportunities, and world perceptions. Honesty is encouraged, but no one is ever required to speak. There aren’t any wrong answers, only new perspectives. 

hello my name is king black boy speak

HMNK Day 2014

Redefining the Black man. At the core of Hello, My Name is King is the principles of self-value and defining one’s self.

Hello My Name is King Celebration Invite

HMNK Day 2015

HMNK Day 2015, Building a united front of progression through an accountable and proactive kingdom, covered accountability and action.


As we approached the anniversary of the first Million Man March we have to reflect on our progress.


What have we accomplished? What could we have done better? And most of all, who has taken responsibility? 

hello my name isking day 2015

HMNK Day 2016

United We Stand-- often we witness an issue, proclaim our sympathy, and then resign to our lives.


This is an opportunity to make a difference.


In the words of James Baldwin, “Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” -James Baldwin.”


HMNK Day 2017

Building relationships and the importance of having support when attaining economic, educational, mental, and emotional health/success. 

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HMNK Day 2018

With the constant need for Black male mentors and educators, this year’s theme is respectively: Black (Men)tors Matter. With the keyword being, men. We will explore the impact that Black male mentors and educators can have on a space; as well as, the pressure and stressors that these leaders may endure because of their service.

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hello m y name is king mlk challenge

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Hello, My Name is KING is presenting a twist to the usual MLK rhetoric.

This challenge provides three lessons, each with an emphasis on action, history, or service

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

New Skool Challenge

Classroom Lessons


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