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Each year we provide students with supplies and resources to further their education. We partner with schools and organizations with you in need to provide full support. Previous efforts include: 


  • 2016- During a mid-year school supply efforts we provided two schools (over 160 students) with school supplies and coats donated in-kind from United Way's Project Overcoat.


  • 2017-We linked up with many other organizations, including Hip Hop Gives Back, Young Professional Leaders, and Black Men Smile to host a back to school kickoff. In the end, we provided over 100 students with backpacks and supplies.


  • 2018-In the last year, we gave away over 40 full backpacks and hosted a pizza party prep rally for a chosen Freedom School Summer site.

Hello, My Name is KING has adopted a classroom of 40 low-income students this back to school season, and we need your help to make a child's smile a bit brighter!

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