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Many boys of color do not understand the extent of their abilities and greatness, and without proper representation and role models, become misguided men; torn between their truths and given labels.

Does any of this sound familiar?

1) Black men don't support their own.

2) African Americans (including Black men) don't know how to organize.

3) Black men are lazy, uneducated, and don't care about anything.

4) Black men are dangerous.

5) The Black man is powerless.

To shift the narrative, in 2014, I created a movement for my people, by people.

Hello, My Name is KING is a proactive organization that supports males of color in education, financial empowerment, and self/social awareness. Our mission is to empower Black boys and men to challenge themselves, break barriers, and make a difference.

We bring together positive and successful Black men with the youth and other audiences to share their gifts and stories. HMNK host events that provide resources and knowledge to the community.

Hello, My Name is KING is a declaration to the world who boys and men of color are as individuals and their rightful role in the community; to know what it means to be a King and to also walk in that light.

On this #givingtuesday be sure to support the boys and men of color in your life by supporting Hello, My Name is KING, Inc!

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