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  • Brianna Alexander


In today's society, it's critical that we lift one another up, and speak positively over our lives and the lives of our loved ones. It seems as if not a day goes by without seeing negative images of the Black community in the media, especially when it comes to Black men. For myself and many people that I know, it's difficult to even view many of the videos and images come across our social media timelines simply because we are able to relate to the severity of these situations on more levels than one. We are exhausted. Black men are sons, fathers, students, educators, doctors, lawyers and children of God, just as men of other races. They deserve to be acknowledged for the difference they are making in the world, and the impact and influence that they have on today's culture. Since 2014, Whitney Stovall has been in the forefront of redefining the image of Black men in the media by launching her nonprofit organization, Hello My Name is King, Inc.


The mission is Hello My Name is King is to empower men and boys of color to challenge themselves, break barriers, and make a difference. HMNK’s vision is a positive global movement that serves as a learning and bonding experience for people all races and backgrounds.

HMNK was founded by St. Louis native and Howard University graduate Whitney Stovall, shortly after the killing of unarmed teenager, Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. Although Whitney has always been aware of the alarming amounts of police brutality within our communities, she noticed that there was a lack of proactive movements and positive images of Black men in the media to combat the negativity that we all see so often. Her movement has caught on quickly, and its pretty easy to participate. Simply tag @hellomynameisking in your positive images of the Black community on Facebook or Instagram and receive a signature HMNK button!


Although Hello My Name is King is providing amazing programming, resources, scholarships and events catered to supporting Black men, my absolute favorite aspect of this organization is the HMNK signature button. What better way to reclaim your name than wearing it right on your chest, or gifting the button to someone who needs a friendly reminder that he is a true king. We cannot allow Black men to succumb to the negativity that often surrounds them, and it starts with a simple reminder that no matter what the world says, you are a king.


On October 16th, 1995 the Million Man March took place in Washington, D.C., bringing together thousands of Black men of all backgrounds in the name of unity, and to shed light on social injustice within the Black community. For the past three years, Hello My Name is King has celebrated Black male excellence on this day, and this year is no different. On October 16th, HMNK will be hosting its annual "King Day" celebration which includes an engaging panel discussion, Black art, musical performances and more!

King Day Panelist:

  • Devan Dmarcus, the Founder of Black Men Smile;

  • Suresh May, Entrepreneur & Founder of Wealth Weekly, which supports upcoming business owners;

  • Benjamin Puckett, Motivational Speaker for the WIN Strategy;

  • Kedrick Williams, Continuing Education & Health Careers Coordinator for Atlanta AHEC;

  • D’Anthony Davis, Morehouse Student & Founder of B.S.S. (Building Success Stories);

  • Bryan Real, Founder of the Village Mentors, and

  • Jan D'Aguiar, APS Educator, 2nd Vice District Representative for his district, who is currently running for City Council.

Keep up with Hello My Name is king on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Check out this amazing organization's website to find out more ways to get involved, purchase official Hello My Name is King merchandise, or make a donation! See you on October 16th, register today!

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