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Charlottesville: A Reminder Of How Far We Still Have To Go

The horrors of Charlottesville have awakened old wounds and become a reminder of how far we still have to go as a nation. While report after report provides a platform for the hate spurred by the marching Neo-Nazis and White Supremacist, those who stood on the opposing side have fallen to the shadows.

Hello, My Name is KING was created out of the need to share the entire story and show the positive in the wake of such chaos; to return power to the true heroes. Among those unsung voices is Marcus Martin, the young man who pushed his fiancee out the way of the car that plowed into the crowd, injuring 19 people, and killing Heather Heyer. Martin suffered a broken leg and said that if presented with the same circumstance, he would do it again.

In addition to, the acts of kindness that were overshadowed on that Saturday, including the Back-to-School Block Party organized by Dream and Dreamin' Diamonds, a group of young men and women who handed out almost 100 backpacks to children and families in need of school supplies.

Dream and Dreamin' Diamonds, Photo via: Instagram/ @dr.wesbellamy

Here at HMNK acknowledge that we are at war, but will not allow our narrative to be dictated by those who seek to oppress us. Yes, it is important to know what you are up against, but you cannot fight hate with hate. We must nurture the spaces that preserve the light in the midst of chaos, to harness our power and effectively evoke change.

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